Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Return

as i raised my head
and stretched for the first time,
i realized,
the storm had passed
and all the pain had subsided,
it seemed like it took forever,
but actually,
i don't remember how long it was,
never thought i'd see this day,
at times i couldn't breathe,
there were times
when i didn't want to,
i was submerged
in the depths of misery
and left to suffocate
in the darkness,
yet i survived,
today has come,
my rebirth is official
and my strength has increased,
my resiliency has doubled,
i have overcome,
there is nothing
i can't handle,
my will is fortified,
what's next?
i am ready,
i invite the world to witness
the brand new me,
are they ready?
probably not,
but i am what you have created,
so deal with it...


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