Friday, October 10, 2014


I say what I mean
I mean what I say
All black and white
No shades of gray
Many layers to me
But you get what you see
I can choose to be
Whatever I choose to be
No sugarcoat
Straight down your throat
If I told you no
Then the answer is no
If I got your back
You can count on that
If I said you're wack
Then you're probably wack
If I choose to do it
Then I'm all into it
When I come walking through it
You in the way, you should move it
When I hold a grudge
Don't expect me to budge
Not supposed to judge
I disagree, I judge
Nothing to discuss
Once you lose my trust
No use for fuss
Either we fight or we bust
When I give you my word
It's like the gospel was heard
I stick with preferred
Unless something occurs
Never stop loving my kids
No matter what they done did
I try to be nice
To everybody in life
Turn cold as ice
Won't fool me twice
Once you make the list
Forever there you'll exist
If the first one should miss
The second's coming real quick


Thursday, October 9, 2014

It is

Surprisingly easy
To let yourself go
Although you are used
To taking control
Situation is similar
To nothing before
So you're willing to let it
Completely unfold
Nourish it often
To make sure it grows
And lo and behold
You'll be right in the throes
Of passion and love
The ultimate goals
Eluding so many
Or so I am told
I really don't know
It's just what I'm told
But what I do know
It's one of my goals
To be so damned happy
I just might explode
Or be like the Hulk
And rip all my clothes
Cause I'm bigger than life
With a wide open nose
Ear to ear smile
And my sunglasses rose
Can't get enough
Of this woman I chose
No way in hell
I can ever let go
No way in hell
I will ever expose
Her weaknesses
Cause I love all of those
I love all of those
From her head
To her toes
Or with clothes
Her sexiness shows
Such a beautiful soul
My heart she has stole
A significant role
In my world
She holds
Like she striking a pose
She strengthens my pros
And accepts all my lows
She inspires my prose
And our dialogue flows
I love how she knows
No place for her nose
In what must stay closed
And time will reveal
What needs to be told
My happiness
Her number one goal
Her happiness
My number one goal
Taking care of each other
The way we're supposed
With everyone watching
We put on a show
An example for many
On how it should go
Heart and mind open
Can never be closed
Cause that will just lead
To relationship woes
Don't want none of those
Don't want no more hoes
Don't want to compose
Some lies to be told
My job is to make sure
She's never exposed
To the drama and bullshit
Women oppose

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Return

as i raised my head
and stretched for the first time,
i realized,
the storm had passed
and all the pain had subsided,
it seemed like it took forever,
but actually,
i don't remember how long it was,
never thought i'd see this day,
at times i couldn't breathe,
there were times
when i didn't want to,
i was submerged
in the depths of misery
and left to suffocate
in the darkness,
yet i survived,
today has come,
my rebirth is official
and my strength has increased,
my resiliency has doubled,
i have overcome,
there is nothing
i can't handle,
my will is fortified,
what's next?
i am ready,
i invite the world to witness
the brand new me,
are they ready?
probably not,
but i am what you have created,
so deal with it...